Privacy Policy

Information Collection and Use

For all login credentials will keep inside mobile phone only, we did not collect any information, we are not responsible for if your phone is missing / damaged / Internet hackers as well as dvr confidential information leakage issue.
All the image backup which stored inside DVR, we are not responsible for all dvr losses / damage and caused by their own confidential information leakage.
We did provide google drive backup, but we are not responsible for all with google drive loopholes / account lost the problem which caused by dvr confidential information leakage.

Third Party

We povide google services(as third party),but we are not responsible for all the third party which releated to the information and links, we are looking forward for your feedback about the third party service.

Terms and Conditions

We are not responsible for all the violence / indecent picture / image, it is related to user's own responsibility.

Changes to Our Policy

The policy can be changed at any time without noticed.

Questions and Feedback

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns about privacy. Please send us any and all feedback pertaining to privacy, or any other issue.

Your Consent

If you are using our app which means you have consent to our above policy